Q: What is Pixellato?

A: Pixellato is an image curation and content analysis service, helping content producers and marketers find the most engaging images for their content. Based on the specific needs of clients pixellato serves handpicked story-based photographs.

Q: Can I use the images purchased on pixellato for commercial purposes?

A: Once you have purchased images on pixellato, you may use your images on both personal and commercial projects, and wherever you will as long as you do not violate the terms in the Buyer License Terms.

Q: Can I resell the images purchased on pixellato?

A: Not really. All images uploaded on Pixellato belong to their respective copyright owners or creators. You may use them for your personal or commercial projects without attribution for unlimited number of times, unless otheriwse specified, but you may not claim ownership of the images or attempt to resell them.

Q: As a photographer, how much royalty would I receive when I sell images with pixellato?

A: All creators and photographers receive a royalty of 80% on their sales - the highest royalty in the industry.

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